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new joseon identity (2020)

creative direction + costume design 

the [new joseon identity] is a look into a future Korea where social media takes a toxic turn. in response to the growing surveillance and dependence on realizing a digital identity, the gender-less generation  reverts back to traditional dress and practices digital abstinence. those who choose to participate in the new joseon identity focus on becoming a symbol of the new generation, asking to be photographed and documented as icons. the passive interaction with social media marks the unfortunate reality of our dependence on digital relationships. 

photograph published in FLASH ART ITALIA o. 349 May – August 2020 

habitable (2016)

installation design + exhibition design

[habitable] is a story about survival. humans are able to survive in extreme conditions because of our adaptability and flexibility in creating a home. home and shelter were once synonymous- but gradually we have begun to identify home with comfort rather than survival. this piece is meant to understand what it means to be living rather than surviving. 

2017 seoul biennale of

architecture and urbanism (2017)

exhibition design 

The [From the Functional City to Total Function] exhibition, part of the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, focuses on creating an intimate space for visitors to research the key moments that define Modern architecture. Working with the Spatial Strategies Lab at Seoul National University, the exhibition is designed as a collection of photographs with captions. The captions are placed on a magnetic shelf below the photographs and images to allow visitors to interact with the space as they read through the booklet. 

game of life (2018)

installation design + exhibition design

looking at life through a playful metaphor, [game of life] is a room scale 3D game board. visitors are free to stack, change, and arrange game pieces within the room. 

Life Games is part of the 2018 Woosuk Gallery Curatorial Exhibition that took place in September 2018 at Seoul National University.

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